Internal communication strategy – Quicken Loans

Role: UX Research lead.


Internal communication systems do not have optimal effectiveness, reception or retention.


Project aimed at paving a way for the complete revamp of the internal communications by researching a large sample size of current employees and creating Personas, Journey Maps and Communication Maps.


  • UX Researcher in an agile team
  • Led a team of five interns to research and understand internal communication problems
  • Conducted 500 surveys, 80 Interviews and engaged 600 people

Overview Video:


Getting the lay of the land:

I have spent the first two weeks into the project learning to navigate the information and communication systems available.

I have gotten myself access to every communication tool that was available and tried to use it. I have also tried to look for extra curricular communication channels like group chat for the ping pong table, food court review group etc. to understand how information is passed around in the office.

Team learning sessions:

I believe that a team will only succeed if they understand and agree upon the concepts, processes and definition of concepts both general and specific to the company

So, we have spent an entire week teaching each other: organizational structure of the company, UX concepts and Interviewing techniques. We have used this understanding to formulate a research question which guides us throughout the project.

One of the personas from the project
A sample persona from the project – Busy Blake

Research and Analysis:

We have spent a lot of our project time talking to targeted employees of various teams. To do this we have created a three step research approach process.

Step 1: Approach team leader and walk him through the process and objective of the project to achieve buy in.

Step 2: With the help of the team leader, send out targeted surveys to quantify behavior, thoughts and actions of the team members.

Step 3: Conduct user interviews of team members to gather context, nuance and validation of existing findings.


  • Armed with our novel approach to acquiring team buy in, we have completed the project at record pace.
  • Provided QuickenLoans with Personas, Journey Maps, Communication Maps and Recommendations
  • Individual and group show and tells were conducted for the teams who participated in the research process.
  • Project was considered an intern success story and was presented at the annual Intern Summer Showcase.